Monday, October 28, 2013

My Shoe Collection (Part Two)♥

Hello my beautiful honey bees. Because I got such a great response from "My Shoe Collection Part One", (Which if you haven't read that and would like to, the link for that will be at the bottom), I decided to do the second part for you all to see. I hope you guys enjoy this and as always, I wold love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below!

This first pair by Buckle are one of my favorites. When I first saw them I was instantly attracted to the crazy colored snake print. They are actually quite comfortable as well, which is nice for somebody who walks around on campus all day like myself.

These Faded Glory leopard printed shoes were actually bought on a trip while staying with my friend - We were out all day and I had crazy painful shoes on, so I went Walmart (The only shopping place around the area. I know, I know.)  and bought these babies for ten dollars.

I bought these Rampage floral printed heals this summer. I really love the design, colors, and of course the cute little bows.

I got these blue boat shoes at the thrift store. They are great for lazy days that I don't feel like doing anything spectacular for my outfit.

These Fioni pumps are literally me in a shoe. Gotta love pink, baby. They are also metallic looking which I like, and although I haven't worn them yet, I feel like these were a must have for my collection. 

Going on with the whole "Pink Shoe" deal, these Airwalks are great for casual days. I have them in neon pink, neon green, and purple plaid. Their pretty awesome and super comfortable.

I literally had a freak out session when I saw these. I saw them at Target last July and wore them for the fourth. Not only are they patriotic, but really adorable and fun to wear out.

This pair of shoes is a staple piece in my wardrobe. They are my Steve Madden pumps with a little bow detailing on the side. I like them because they have a glossy look to them, plus their not too high so I don't feel like I'm walking on stilts when I wear them.

This last pair is also by Steve Madden, (Surprise surprise, eh?), and they are these studded combat boots. You guys know by now how much of a sucker I am for these things. I love the edgy vibe they give. Very rocker. 

What do you think of my collection? 

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  1. And I was thinking that your shoe collection couldn't get any better! You have an amazing selection of shoes, from flats to high heels.. I am in love with the snake print ones and the pink metallic ones:) Would love to see an outfit with the metallic ones.x I have coral sneakers just like your third ones and I couldn't agree with you more, they are perfect for those lazy days!