Monday, December 8, 2014

My Fashion Favorites {November 2014}♥

Well it's that time of the month again, and no, not that time of the month. It's the time where I show you what things in my closet I've been loving the most. I haven't done one of these in quite a while I realized, so I thought today was a good day to start this series back up. Enjoy!

The first thing that I've been loving is this grey and purple jacket from Kohls. It's been extremely cold where I live and this keeps me nice and cozy on days when I'm going a bit more casual.

The second thing I've been loving is this cute little panda hat I bought a couple years back {Wish I remember where it's from, sorry y'all), and it has been something I've worn ever since. Call me childish, but if you know me well enough, you know that I just love anything panda related. And how cute is this?!

Another thing I've been loving are these black riding boots from Macy's. They go with just about anything and are good in the snow which is important because it's been snowing like crazy here! {Anyone else excited for Christmas?}

Although this is quite a recent purchase, I've really been wearing this plaid fringe scarf by Banana Republic a lot. It's very thick so is perfect for the chilly weather and I love the pattern!

Another thing I've been wearing a lot are these beige suade fringe booties from Target. I actually think this is the only pair from Target that I own, and I just love them! They go with a lot and are perfect to pair with a casual top, cute scarf, and leggings.

The last thing that I've been loving for the month of November is this lovely mint green necklace from Maurices. It's a really unique shape and design which I think is why I was so drawn to it, as well as the fact that mint green is one of my favorite colors.

Stay Beautiful♥

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

My Shoe Collection (Part 3)♥

Quick Update: Hey everyone! It sure has been a while, hasn't it! I miss you guys. Unfortunately there has been a lot of things in my personal life that have pulled me back from blogging a bit. As I sit here I'm forcing myself to write this post. Which is weird for me since blogging is one of my favorite things in the world and I've always been excited to create for you all. But these past couple weeks have been tough so I guess I needed a bit of a break. No worries though, I'm getting through it and I want to keep these posts up for you guys through thick and thin. Thank you for your never ending support and love, I could never ask for better readers than you guys.

As I was going through my closet I realized how many shoes I've bought since I did my last shoe collection post (I'll link part one and two below). Therefor, a part three is definitely in order! Hope you all enjoy and as always make sure and let me know which are your favorites.

This first pair I bought over the summer. They were so much fun to wear with shorts or cuffed skinny jeans. I've always loved the boat shoe look because it's both classy and feminine, with a hint of preppy.

Deep down I knew these shoes were not necessary in my closet whatsoever. Unfortunately I ended up getting them anyways and they've just been sitting around because, you guess it, I haven't worn them once. I mean what in the world do you wear these with? A ballgown? 

Although I have many Converse, this is my only pair of high tops. Because I'm short I don't wear them a lot because they seem to make me look even shorter...if that's even possible. But none the less I do love the deep rich red color and think these are super cute and fun to wear. 

These taupe/grey wedges were so much fun to rock over the summer. They go with just about anything and are so comfortable. I never realized how much I love this color as well, it's a lovely soft neutral that just about anyone could rock.

I am somewhat obsessed with these shoes. They have been my go to for fall and look lovely with skinny jeans, an oversized sweater, and scarf. I feel like these are a great staple shoe that every girl should own for the chillier seasons ahead. 

When these shoes came to my work, I about passed out. This may sound strange but for years now I have wanted a pair of Tiffany Blue Converse. The color always makes me happy for some reason, it's so bright and cheery. Definitely a fun pop of color. 

These shoes are definitely some of my favorites in my collection (Thank you camera for taking such a crappy picture). Although they are fairy uncomfortable, these baby's are so freaking sexy to me. They are one of the highest I own, and wearing them for over, oh I don't know, five minutes? Will kill your feet to no end. But hey, at least you'll look amazing, right? 

This is another pair of shoes I was so incredibly excited about owning, a pair of cherry red Doc Martins. These shoes scream grunge and are a perfect pop of color to any casual outfit and give off that 90's Nirvana vibe. 

Part One:
Part Two:

Stay Beautiful♥

Thursday, October 16, 2014


Once and a while I like to let out my inner grunge with a somewhat unflattering outfit that makes me feel all warm and cozy. Perfect for fall, no? In this outfit I am wearing this hat from Amazon, little black dress from Aeropostale, oversized plaid button up from Hollister, and Dr. Martins.

Stay Beautiful

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Simply Comfy. {Mak's Polyvore Creations}

Simply Comfy.

Laced boots

Inverni brimmed beanie
$96 -

This outfit is perfect for the comfort loving girl who also wants to look good. I think it would be a great every day look to rock this fall. All you have to do? Pick out your favorite flannel (How cute is this one from J Crew?), a pair of jeans, combat boots, a backpack, and a cute beanie. Simple as 1-2-3!

Stay Beautiful

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Fall 2014 Lookbook {Women's Edition}♥

Hello my darlings! In today's post I will be showing you four fall outfit ideas. Hopefully this will give you all a little fashion inspiration for your wardrobes this season! Which look is YOUR favorite? 

For my first outfit I'm rocking a black undershirt from Kohls, plum houndstooth scarf, oversized beige cardigan, jeans from H&M, & healed booties. I think that this outfit would be perfect for a day out with friends and has been my go to look this fall.

My second look is all about layering. Here I am wearing a black undershirt, black cardigan, gray lace skirt from American Eagle, gray knee high socks from Target, & my favorite pair of riding boots.

This was my most casual look that I feel like could be worn every day. Here I am wearing this red and black plaid shirt from American Eagle, LA hat, black leggings, and brown combat boots.

 For my last look I wore something a bit more formal but still perfect for fall. Here I am wearing a leopard printed top, gold chained belt, black snack skin skirt, black leggings, & black pumps with spikes on the back. This look is flattering on just about everyone and is really fun to wear!

Stay Beautiful♥