Sunday, July 7, 2013

Styled Person Of Interest: Michael Jackson♥

I am truly sad about the death of this beautiful man. It makes me even more sad to know that people still hate on him even though they never got the chance to actually know him. In my opinion, Michael was a man who loved people. He was a man who loved being a musician. He was a man who taught the world how to love more. Anyways I'm beating myself up over the fact that I haven't thought about doing a post on him yet. I mean honestly. He was one of the best make dressers EVER. Anyways my lovely gents, hopefully this post will give you some fashion inspiration from the ever so famous king of pop.

First off I'm going to show you guys some of my favorite jackets this man has rocked, because I do believe that he knew what was up in that department.

Aren't they amazing? He really liked two kinds of jackets. Military styles and sparkly. Or both at times. He was living proof that a good leather jacket can make a man look amazing.

Michaels style was very classy and unique. I love this outfit in particular because of the color combinations with the black, pink, and red. Although it's debated that pink is a good color for men, I think it often times can be if styled right.

One thing I love about his style is his edgy belted look he wore often. It's truly original and I think he totally rocks it.

Once and a great while, Michael would wear a more simple look like this one above. Without all the glitz and glamour. I really like this look too, although I do prefer the other over this one. So tell me my beautiful freaks, what do you think of Michael's style?

Stay Beautiful♥


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  1. did he borrow the red gold jacket look from austrian superstar singer FALCO ? chcek out this music video Falco - The Sound of Musik, Falco was original he would never copied M.J. .....