Sunday, June 23, 2013

Styled Person Of Interest: Beyonce♥

Beyonce is someone that I really admire. I think it's fantastic that she's kept her sweetness and warm heart, even though she's famous. It's something that's really rare these days. Another thing I love about her is her style. She's rocked some pretty great outfits over the years, and in this post, I'll showcase some of my favorites that she's worn.

If you know me at all, you know how much I love edgy outfits. This one in particular, I love because it has a unique twist from the average "Rocker" look. These pants are simply stunning and the icing on the cake, for this get up.

By girls, I often get asked this question. How do I look cute but be casual and comfortable at the same time? Well all I can say to that is BOOM ladies. Check it, cuz Beyonce knows what's up.

It's all about pops of color. I truly think that that alone can change how an outfit looks. Here she showcases just that with her boy Jay-Z.

Here's another great example of how even a little color in some places really does matter.

I adore this jacket. Anything military styled instantly catches my attention. Also a good thing to note, this chica knows that the darker the skin, the better white looks on.

We all know, that what I say really doesn't matter on this one. She just looks stunning here.

So tell me my beautiful friends, what do YOU think of Beyonce's style?

Stay Beautiful♥


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