Thursday, May 9, 2013

Weekly Favorites + Mini Update♥

Weekly Favorites (7)

Balmain blazer

Giuseppe Zanotti logo bag

H M bracelet bangle
$6.19 -

Style tryst

Cara pendant jewelry


Hey everyone! How are we today? So I know what you're probably thinking. "I thought she had a certain schedule and was going to become more organized in her blog?" Well..that's not working out for me very well right now due to the fact that I'm barely even home. I really do apologize. Anyways +Lina Dinh and I were talking yesterday and she told me she wants me to do more outfit of the days, since I have indeed been slacking a bit in that department. I know for me those are my favorite posts to see on others blog so I totally understand. I will in fact be doing more of those posts, actually as often as I can. For now, here are my favorites. Make sure and let me know you're thoughts and if you have any favorites that are the same as mine!

 Stay Beautiful♥



  1. Great post. The Balmain blazer is my fave too!!! I had my eye on that for a while, wish i could afford it. And she's my fave model too!

    1. Oh I know right? Wish I could afford it as well, stupid price tags..haha. :D Thanks for reading friend! <3