Friday, May 10, 2013

Thinking On Buying A Romper...Opinions?♥

So today me and my bestie Liz went shopping. We stumbled across these and had a good laugh at first..who would design these? And as tradition would go, what looks ridiculous, we must try on. And we did. And we loved them! Anyways, I'm thinking on buying the one I tried on, and Liz is thinking on buying the one she tried on. What do YOU think? Is it worth the purchase? 

Stay Beautiful♥



  1. That's what my feelings were at first before I tried them on. I love them now, the only annoying part is that you gotta take it all when using the washroom lol I'll post one of my own soon to show you ;)
    Forever 21 usually have some cute ones.


    1. That's so weird..I replied to you but it didn't publish! O_o Anyways that's so true hahaha :D And yes please do! I would love to see. And that's really good to know girl, I'm actually going shopping there on Sunday! Thanks! ^_-