Wednesday, May 1, 2013

My Weekly Favorites♥

Weekly Favorites (6)

Cream hoodie
$31 -

Skull handbag

Dorothy Perkins bead jewelry

Alexander McQueen skull bracelet

Wet n wild eyeshadow
$7.69 -

Maybelline tattoo cosmetic
$15 -

Wet n Wild wet n wild nail polish
$11 -

Hey everyone, how are we today? So today I am featuring some of my favorite items of right now. Do you like them? Make sure to let me know you're thoughts.

Wet n Wild Polish-
I LOVE This color. It's in between a mint green and a full on blue. It makes you look tanner...can you say SCORE?! Did I mention it's only $3?

Alexander McQueen Skull Bracelet-
I live, breath, and dream of this brand. It's beautiful and edgy all in one, which in my eyes is pure perfection. Even though it's majorly expensive, I still love it. HA!

Maybelline Color Tattoo in "Bad To The Bronze"
Let me firstly say, props to Maybelline for making up that name. To me it's somewhat funny actually..Anyways I love wearing this as somewhat of  base for my eyeshadows. It makes them last all day and even worn alone, the color is beautiful.

Panda Hoodie-
It's not a secret by now that you all know I love pandas. So. So. SO CUTE! In fact, to hug a panda is on my bucket list. Anyways that's most likely why this hoodie appeals to me. It's the cutest thing ever. 

Mulberry Lipstick-
I love this. I think that wearing mulberry gives off a vampy and unique look. I've actually been wearing it a lot lately, and even with the funny looks I get from makeup-less ladies, I still love rocking it. Super edgy, super chic, super me.

Foo Fighters-
I seriously love Dave Grohl. If I could marry him I would. Even though he's old enough to be my father. And he's married. Sooo that's not going to work out. *Sigh* On a more realistic note I like this bands sound. Ever since Kurt Cobain died the world hasn't experienced this kind of music, Nirvana and them are one of a kind and I just love it and always will.

What do you think of my favorites?

Stay Beautiful♥



  1. the heels are so cute!!

    1. Thank you Sara, aren't they though? I'm somewhat obsessed with Mint Green everything right now, haha! Thanks for reading <3


  2. wow..I want the skull clutch!!

    1. I know right, isn't it amazing?? :O