Monday, May 27, 2013

B&B, Target, Vanity, & More Haul♥

Hello everyone, how are we today? So a couple days ago I went out with my beautiful mom and sister to go shopping. So, here is the haul from that. Sorry it's kinda large, I think I got carried away a bit. (Ha!) Also make sure and let me know if you like seeing these kinds of haul posts, if so I'll keep doing them.

Let's get into everything!

These sunglasses were the only thing I got from Vanity. If you saw my last post you probably saw the other pair similar to this, except the neon went all around the rim, whereas this pair only went half way.
I got 2 things from Bath and Body Works. It was shocking I walked out with that little! The first was the "Japanese Cherry Blossom" Lotion. I have the body spray and love it, so I thought hey, why not.
I fell in love with this scent instantly. It's "Daisy Dreamgirl" from "The Sweethearts" collection they recently put out.
Now for Target. I don't know what it is about this store, but I always end up walking out with craploads of random stuff. Like this. For those who don't know, I have a major obsession with pandas. Quite honestly that's the only reason I bought these. They were actually really good!
I've wanted to try a polish from this collection for a while, and really liked the cobalt blue color.
Ah, lipstains. In my opinion their perfect for summer days. So I thought I'd stock up! (I heard these new ones from elf are amazing, have any of you tried them out?)
This works amazingly, for those who are curious about it.
I think I have an obsession with gum...haha.
For some reason, I simply LOVE reading Vogue and Teen Vogue. If I don't catch up on the latest issues I get really sad. So, I thought I'd pick this up. Nicki's looking amazing on the cover, no?
And yet another lip stain. This one's by Revlon, and I've only heard good things about it. So I guess we'll see.
From Payless, I got three things. This first thing is a pair of sandles. I thought they were unique so I decided to get them.
The second thing is a purse. I've been wanting a new purse for a while but to be honest, am quite picky when it comes to buying them. I really wanted something simple, so it could go with everything.
Did you know Payless sells lipglosses? Me either!
This skirt I got from the place I work. I instantly fell in love with the edgy rocker design of it.
The last place I went to was clairs. Call me immature if you wish, but I think they have some great stuff, especially jewelry, plus they were having a sale.

What do you think guys?

Stay Beautiful♥



  1. Omg I was so close to buying one of those panda cookies last night, I had to resist for my Las Vegas diet lol. Im going away soon =) Your purchases are so cute and girly, i love it. =)

    1. Haha NO WAY!! Well whenever your not on a diet, I would totally recommend them! Plus their it's really a win win. Haha <3

      Thanks for your sweet comment friend!


  2. I have never seen the elf make-up mist and set! I love any products that have Aloe in them since it does wonders to your skin. I'm really excited to try that out and see how it works on my face and make-up :) Great post!

    1. It's fantastic Elizabeth, you should definitely give it a go. Thank you for your kind comment! <3


  3. Replies
    1. Thank you so much Deepali! And I think I'm starting to become obsessed with lipstains..Not good I tell you. Haha. :D