Tuesday, April 23, 2013

My Favorite's This Week♥

My Favorite's This Week (4)

Studded boots

Spike necklace


Taylor swift fragrance

Heeeelloooo everyone! How are we today? So, it's that time of the week again, where I show you some of my favorite things and talk about some of them.

What About Now - Bon Jovi-
Bon Jovi is, without a doubt, my all time favorite band. Although Aerosmith comes in a close second. ;D Anyways ever since my aunt blasted them on her radio as a child, I've just been in love. This is their newest album, and I truly believe it sends a beautiful message for the broken and hurting today.
Beats By Dr. Dre-
Not much to say about these, except for the fact that I've always wanted a pair and am loooving this color.
"Wonderstruck" by Taylor Swift-
I've loved this scent for a while. It's simply beautiful and smells amazing.
Studded Boots-
These baby's are awesome, no? I like how edgy they are, and really like how studs were added to them. A perfect touch in my opinion. 
Steven Tyler-
I can't even remember if I put him in a previous post - But eve if I did he's simply too amazing just to be put in one! I think this guy is one of my favorite people. Ever. In the world. Did I mention his voice is the sickest thing in the world? Alrighty, well I'll be quiet now. ;D

So, what do you think of my favorites? Also tell me something YOU have been loving this week, so I can check it out!

Stay Beautiful♥



  1. Your favorites are totally edgy and cool!
    I've really been into leopard print pants and stripes (but not together). You can see how I wear them on my blog.


    1. Thanks Samantha! Right on girl, I'll check it out now.


  2. lovely picks dear <3 i love that round sunglasses!


    1. Aw thank you Cindy!! And I know! Aren't those awesome?? <3

  3. wow..great picks..But I heart the necklace..