Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I Will Be Posting Favorites Weekly?! :O

Hey everyone! How are we today? So today I was on Polyvore and had the idea of possibly posting my "Weekly Favorites" on there every week. This will include makeup, music, fashion, people, pretty much anything the spikes my interest. 

Here is what they would look like (And my first one created):

What are you're thoughts on this? Please let me know!

Stay Beautiful♥



  1. Polyvore is great. We have started using Polyvore and it helps get our items recognition, and it links back to your blog, as well as creating backlinks which helps in your site SEO. I encourage the use of Polyvore. It has helped us. Good Luck. NanaMacs Boutique.

    1. Thanks for you're comment, Nana! I completely agree!