Sunday, March 17, 2013

Outfit Of The Day 3/16/2013

Hey everyone! Today I thought I would post this outfit of the day for you all. Firstly I want to say that I apologize for the terrible camera quality-My real camera broke and I'm still on the hunt for a new one. Secondly today I dressed for having dinner at my house with some friends.
 Since today wasn't anything that I needed to really dress up for, I decided to go a bit more casual. My undershirt is Roxy and striped pink blazer is from TJ Max. 

            My necklace was bought from Claires. It also has a matching bracelet. 

My black nail polish is Wet n Wild's "424A" And the top coat is Wet n Wild' "s401A." This top coat is absolutely incredible. It makes my polish last for as long as a week.

                                         My jeans I bought from Ross.

My shoes are a staple piece of my wardrobe. Their black and go with pretty much everything. I love that they can dress up a more casual outfit and their not too painful to wear. Heck yes for that rarity! Anyways another one of my favorite things about these shoes are the fact that their Steven Madden and I got them at Ross for an incredible price.

What's one outfit you rocked during the weekend? Let me know in the comment section! Also what did you think of mine? 

Stay Beautiful♥



  1. Thank you for the comment on my blog!!! :) I love this outfit, especially the blazer!!! That is one thing I can't wait for about winter, being able to wear all my awesome blazers!!! :)

  2. Your so welcome Melissa, I love your blog! Keep up the good work! And thank you! I know! Don't you love blazers?? <3