Sunday, March 17, 2013

Mak Talks: Confidence Is Key To Having Style

Lovely ladies and gentleman, I truly believe that at least one point in our lives we have all thought to ourselves that we were ugly or simply not good looking. It's kind of normal in our day and age, am I right? I know I have. And at a few times it's completely eaten me alive. Sometimes I didn't want to dress up because I knew it wouldn't be worth it. I'd still look bad. Then one night a few years ago, I was thinking about this in depth and realized that I was being completely idiotic for thinking that way. Everyone is beautiful. Some people have beautiful eyes. Some have nice tan skin. And others have long voluminous hair. Whatever the case, knowing your most beautiful or "Strongest" points will enable to you enhance those features and bring out the best you you can possibly be. Because truthfully, the people with the best style are the one's with pure confidence. I knew this girl a couple years ago who wore literally nothing but a t-shirt and jeans every single day of her life. She wasn't very fashionable, but whenever she walked in a room, her confidence level shocked me. It made me realize that if you become more okay with your body, you are instantly more beautiful. You are instantly more styled and pulled together.

Because in reality, we only live once. And I don't know about you, but I am not going to sit here and over think my appearance. I am going to enhance my best features and wear what I love. And I really hope you guys will too.

Question Of The Day:
What Are Your Favorite Features About Yourself? Leave Me A Comment!
Mine: My Big Green Eyes And Silky Blond Hair.

Stay Beautiful♥

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