Monday, March 18, 2013

Styled Person Of Interest: Carrie Underwood

I must admit, I'm not a fan of country music since I'm a rock music lover at heart, but I will say that the ever so famous Carrie Underwood has one heck of a style. So today I want to show you all some of my favorite outfits she's rocked over the years and hopefully give you some inspiration for your style.
This first dress that Carrie wore to the Elton John Aids Foundation night is quiet beautiful. I think having tan skin instantly makes you have that "Glowing" effect in pretty much anything you wear. Yay for paler people like myself..*Throws confetti* Anyways I love the detail on her left shoulder and the draping silver beads. It's the perfect amount of drama and sophistication.
This is another one of my favorites. Blondes and red look very beautiful together.The slit on the left leg adds to the elegance and drama. Especially on Carrie Underwood who could wear a sloth for a shirt and look incredible.
I believe this post should now be called "The Billions Of Dresses Carrie Underwood Can Pull Off." How she chooses all these stunners I don't know, but she does have a keen eye for picking out dresses.
I love this outfit. Number one because of the fabulous sweater that for some reason looks quite dressy, and number two because of simplistic but beautiful it all goes together. I think this one would be a good idea to wear to a casual date or going out to coffee with friends because it's not too casual or not too dressy either. 
Lastly may I just say, how totally adorable is this jacket? It's not full on military style, but it's so unique that it's denim + metallic. 

 One of Carries most popular "On stage" looks is quite simple but also super adorable. Her combination of a flowy shirt, short shorts, and cowboy boots give her a signature style that is super stunning.
The last look I'm going to show you today is one that again, is more casual, but I truly believe is very wearable. I know I would wear it. Simply pair a colored shirt, black blazer, jeans (They look cuter rolled up a bit), and heals. Anyone could rock this one!

So what do you think? Do you like Carrie's style? Or not so much? Leave it as a comment below! Also let me know if you have a favorite Styled Celebrity you would like me to make a blog post about, I would love to do it! :)

Stay Beautiful♥


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