Saturday, March 16, 2013

I've Been Loving: Rock Icon's Styles♥

My obsession with rock music started like forever ago. To me, the sound of an electric guitar, the beat of a drum, and a screaming rocker makes me want to hear more, and more, and more. It actually started when I was a kid. My aunt would blast Bon Jovi in her car and I would listen, totally amused. Since then, it's only grown to a deep passion that will most likely never stop.

Today I thought it would be fun to do a post on Rock Icon's Styles. I get a lot of my inspiration from Legends like Steven Tyler and Joan Jett, and hey, maybe you will too!♥

If you don't know already, this is Joan Jett. She became widely popular in the 80's from her songs like "I love rock n' roll" and "I hate myself for loving you." Her dark masculine style never fails to bring me inspiration in my style.

Here she is in another picture, are you hooked yet? I love the fact that she wears all that black but still gives off a classy style. Her leather jackets and studded belt looks incredible.

Ah, the ever so handsome Jon Bon Jovi. Believe it or not, I'm going to see him live in concert soon, and am completely and totally exited. Also to note you will most likely see a "Styled Person Of Interest: Jon Bon Jovi" up on my blog soon, so stay tuned! Since the 80's, Jon has worn things (like above) that mix different patterns and textures, creating a look that in my opinion, is totally hot. And I will stop myself there before I fan girl any more. *Hehe*

This picture was taken in the 80s and is the ever so beautiful Pat Benatar. Even hearing her name makes me sing "Love is a battlefield." Am I the only one? Anyways Pat has always had a very classy rocker look that was never overly edgy, nor too feminine.

And this, is Steven Tyler. I can't even begin to tell you how much I love this guy. In fact, I dedicated a whole post to him and his style. ( His style is completely crazy. He layers things that normally would ridiculous on a man, and totally rocks them. He also likes to play with new looks constantly so you're pretty much always surprised constantly with this guy.

And lest we forget about Kurt Cobain. Oh how I wish I had the chance to meet him before he passed. I love his style because it was thrown together, literally in an instant, and still looked absolutely epic. I wrote a piece on grunge fashion if you would like to check it out. ( 

 All in all I think rock icons have influenced my style greatly. Has it in your wardrobes? 

Question Of The Day: What Is Something That Inspires YOUR Style? 

All Thoughts Are Welcomed-Comment Below!

Stay Beautiful♥



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