Friday, March 15, 2013

I've Been Loving: Floral Printed Dresses♥

Okay, is anyone else besides me super exited for spring? Oh my gosh...just thinking about sun tan lotion and beaches makes me want to scream of happiness. For the first time this year, the sun is shining through my window and making me want to grab my neon shoes and go for a walk. But being the lazy "I Want To Blog" person that I am, that probably not going to happen. Oh well, it's the thought that counts, right?

Something that I've been loving a lot for spring are Floral Printed Dresses. To me, Spring just wouldn't be the same without them! Today I'm going to show you guys some of my favorite's lately, and also the links so you can go and buy if you wish. 

This first dress you may have seen if you've read my "What To Wear For A Wedding" post. If not, here's the link! ( I like this dress because it's not too formal but also not too casual. You can change up your shoes and accessories to dress it up, or stick with casual things to dress it down. (Dress it down..Is that even a thing?) You can also buy it in Leopard print. The nicest thing about this dress? You can buy it at Target for only $24.99.

For some reason this picture didn't show up very large, and for that I apologize. Anyways I love this dress because it's completely unique.  I've never heard of the website, but it has some amazing things and prices. This dress is about $40.00. 


This next dress comes courtesy of Forever21, which by the way, is an amazing store. If you left me to die I would find the nearest Forever21 and be the happiest abandoned person ever. That's such a weird thought, wow Mak. Anyways this dress is mint green and has a white Japanese Cherry Blossom print on it. It is $30.00. 


Tope Floral Dress From Target:

Eyeshadow Juniors Dress, Cap Sleeve Floral-Print High-Low:

Mint Green Essential Sketched Floral Dress:
Another Adorable Dresses Not Mentioned:

What do you think about floral dresses? Leave Me A Comment to make me smile! ^_^

Stay Beautiful♥


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