Friday, March 8, 2013

I've Been Loving: Converse♥

Okay. I must admit, I've been loving converse for years. In my first year of Jr. High I got a pink pair and absolutely fell in love. I mean seriously, guys, what's not to love? Their comfortable, and way more fashionable than most tennis shoes. Plus the color selection? Pretty much limitless. Today I will be showing you different kinds of converse and how to pair them with different clothes. Again things mentioned will be listed in the link bar below!  I'm so exited to get into this post so let's get to it!

Okay I'm almost positive that this is Miley Cyrus, just not 100%. So please correct me if I'm wrong! I simply had to put this one in here, because this dress looks stunning with these shoes, does it not? The nice thing about converse is that their very versatile so can be worn with dresses like this. 

Another way to style converse is by going casual but classy. For years these shoes have been known to give off a "Cool vibe." As cheesy as that sounds, I promise you that it's the truth. They instantly give edge to an outfit, like in the one's above.

And this my friends is a fine example of just how many different colors available are for converse. It's pretty cray. In a good way. And I just rymed- I'm a roll today y'all!

Where To Buy:
The nice thing about converse is their available to buy at many stores. I usually end up buying mine at Target, but probably the most popular way is to buy them online at 

Stay Beautiful♥


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