Saturday, March 9, 2013

How To Wear: Printed Jeans And Leggings

Printed jeans are something that, especially in the past few months, have become increasingly popular. With their busy patterns and how flattering they are on most body types, it's no wonder these are being used so much lately. I mean seriously you guys, you have no idea how much I love bringing the 80's back little by little. It's bold. It's funky fresh. It's fun. And today I'm going to show you some great ways to style and wear them. Read on if you'd like! Firstly, I'll use some photo's that I really think capture how they should be worn.

Okay firstly I must say. I LOVE Jenna Dewan's style and fashion sense. If you guys want me to do a "Styled Person Of Interest" with her being the, well, the person, let me know in the comments below. On to the pants. She really hit it home with this one. When choosing a top, you really need to keep in mind that the pants are usually a very busy pattern. Don't go too crazy up top unless you want to look like Lady Gaga. No offense to her. Bless her heart for singing and doing what she loves. I'm just sayin'. Most girls probably wouldn't want to dress that way on a day to day basis!

Another great example of what to wear with these pants. With her bright pink printed leggings, she goes for a simple T-shirt that makes them stand out and totally statement.

IMPORTANT NOTE: One fashion no no that a lot of people (Including myself) have probably at least once fallen into is wearing leggings that are a bit too see-though, with a shorter top. Although sometimes we don't realize it, this can lead to total embarrassment. All I'm saying is, make sure their not see though, or if they are, make sure your wearing a shirt to cover yo booty girl. 

                                 Pairing with flats always adds a feminine twist. 

Another really cute thing to pair with them is trying a blazer over a simple shirt like the pictures shown above. Very classy. 

For spring and summer, I think a super adorable way to wear these is with flowy loose shirts and a pair of wedges or pumps. It instantly gives a girly look while still keeping that statement appearance. 

This last way I'll be sharing with you guys is for cropped printed pants. How cute is this outfit? I mean seriously... props to whoever wore that one because she totally rocked it.

So tell me my beautiful freaks- What are your opinions on printed jeans? Also let me know in the comment section what you would like me to blog about. I'm open to suggestions!

Stay Beautiful♥


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