Thursday, February 28, 2013

What To Wear: A Concert

So as some of you might already know- I did an outfit of the day not too long ago, when I was going to a concert. I'm attending them as often as I can, so I thought hey. Maybe some other people want to learn how to dress for them. I'll also be doing an outfit of the day on Monday because I'm going to yet another concert. Let's Begin!

I truly believe that Miley has it down in this picture above. A graphic T-shirt and a leather jacket. This combination is good for concerts because not only is it casual and easy to wear-It's comfortable when your getting crazy and jumping around like a fan girl. (Not that I do that...)

If your a music junkie like myself-Band T's are a must. They say a lot about you and who you love. They are perfect for concerts. Not too casual, not too dressy, just perfect.

For shoes, you really need something comfortable to wear. Especially if you're gonna get crazy. So make converse or any comfortable shoe like that your best friend. Their also really cute, so it's a win win.

What do you wear to concerts? Leave a comment letting me know!

Stay Beautiful


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  1. Converses, cute leggings and a tee-shirt because it gets really hot in there :)