Monday, September 23, 2013

FALL In Love: What To Wear Autumn 2013 (Mens Edition)♥

Alright gents or wives/girlfriends of gents who need fashion help, I'm here to give you guys some fall inspiration and help you dress for the upcoming season. If your as excited as I am, your already waiting for the leaves to fall and Thanksgiving to come. In this post I am going to show you some ideas on how to dress and what you should have in your wardrobe for Autumn. Ready?

Guys, the first thing that I recommend for you buy this fall is a military styled jacket. There are some out there that are a combination or style and comfort, that is your best bet. These jackets are not only slimming, but quite attractive as well. (Trust me on this.)

For a more simple and put together man, try adding some deep colored polo's to your shirt collection. These can go well plain, or could be paired with a scarf for a more layered look.

Something that a lot of you guys don't seem to get is the fact that like women, men can layer and look more put together and more attractive as well. Here we take a button up shirt, cardigan, and jacket and pair it with black jeans and a classy pair of shoes. This look is amazing and is highly recommended from yours truly.

I believe that this is perfect men's attire. A sharp button up coat, jeans that are cuffed at the bottom, and a pair of combat boots. Simple enough, right? Not only is it simple, but it is a great statement outfit that won't go out of style. Sharp stuff here guys. 

A pop of color is always a great idea and helps change up an outfit. I love how here we take this black and white striped cardigan with a pair of blue jeans and shades, and take a green bag and converse. 

This last outfit idea is one that is definitely more on the edgy side. Here we pair a statement leather jacket with a t-shirt, a scarf, black skinny jeans, and booties.

So tell me my beautiful freaks, what do you guys wear for the fall? Leave your must haves below for me to see.

Stay Beautiful♥


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