Wednesday, May 22, 2013

This Weeks Beautifully Dressed♥

Helloooo everyone! How are we today? So for those who are new here, these posts consist of my top 3 favorite fashion bloggers outfits for the week. Todays group was hard to choose - Especially since there were so many outfits I'd been loving for the week. But, I really liked my final choices. Their all great people who have fantastic fashion blogs.

The first outfit comes from Davide from VanVogue00. I've really been loving his blog lately - This is personally my favorite outfit he's worn so far (Even though he's worn many amazing ones.) I really like how he paired a more casual T-shirt with a blazer, jeans, and these great light brown shoes. Very sharp, no?

You can check him out HERE at:

My second favorite outfit comes from my kind and beautiful friend Steph from VitathingS. When I first saw this outfit I instantly thought wow, that's exactly something I have worn and would wear. I love how Steph adds a pop of color with her shoes, but still keeps it edgy with her Jack Daniels top, ripped jeans, and black purse.

You can check her out HERE at:

This last outfit comes from Terry S of TerrysTwoCents. I LOVE This look. I don't know what it is, but vests on men can look amazing in my opinion. I also love how Terry matched the vest with these great pants, the entire look is pure perfection.

You can find him HERE at:


I hope you all enjoyed this post, and keep checking back to see if YOU made the cut for my top 3 favorite outfits of the week. What did you think of this weeks beautifully dressed?

Stay Beautiful♥



  1. Replies
    1. Definitely! Aren't they amazing? So many great fashionistas out there, it's so hard for me to narrow it down! :D


  2. I am so honored!! Thank you Mak you're such a nice person!!

    1. Of course Davide, no problem!! As you know I love your style, so it was a no brainer to choose you!

      Kisses! <3