Saturday, March 23, 2013

Mak Talks: Thrift Store Shopping

Okay, I must admit I used to not be a "Thrift store shopping" kind of girl. Some actually made me feel really uncomfortable. Maybe it's the atmosphere, maybe the smell, I don't really quite know. But lately me and my sister have been talking about them, and I actually think I might be starting to like them a little more. So if your interesting in Thrift Store shopping and don't know your feeling on it either, hopefully this post will help you out a bit. Also know that another outfit of the day will be up (possibly) later today!

-The first and most obvious reason is how low priced most stuff at Thrift stores are. It's actually quite incredible what deals you can get on very expensive items.
-They have a lot of amazing vintage items that you can't find anywhere else.

My Experiences At Thrift Stores:
Whenever I go thrift shopping, I firstly have to mentally prepare myself. It's not like shopping at Target. You can't say "I'm going there to get a Revlon Lip Butter or a H&M star printed top" because you never know what you'll find. All I'm saying is, don't expect to get a specific "Thing" because you don't know if they will have it or not. The nice thing about that is it's always a surprise when you go. It's like exploring the unknown. You may leave with a $5 tv or a $10 Gucci purse, and that's the fun of it, am I right?

So what are you're opinions of thrift shopping?

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  1. Unfortunately there aren't any thrift shops in Portugal. There are vintage shops sure, but the prices aren't the most friendly. :(
    I would love to try it though.

    1. Oh seriously? That really sucks! Well if you ever take a vacation somewhere, hit a couple up. You won't be disappointed! :)