Friday, February 15, 2013

I've Been Loving: Korean Fashion

Hey there my beautiful freaks...

I sit here having just watched one of my favorite Japanese Drama's, Shut Up And Let's Go. I must admit, me and Japan are like peanut butter and jelly. I love their Tv shows and Anime's. I love cooking their food. Another thing that never fails to capture my attention is the women's fashion in these shows, and just Japanese and Korean people's style and fashion sense in general.

 As you can see above, their fashion is very elegant, beautiful, and quite feminine and girly. They take pieces that here would be overlooked and make them simply stunning, creating high fashion and class.

Another thing I find completely amazing is their school uniforms and/or the shorter skirts they wear. Watching many Japanese shows I know that this is very common-But unlike here where that might be considered to risk-ay and inappropriate, the girls and women carry themselves in a cute and innocent way therefor you don't stop to even think for a second about the skirt being too short. It's completely normal there. As normal as us wearing Ugg boots in the America.

The last thing I absolutly love about Korean fashion is the fact that for casual wear they wear quite loose and large knit sweaters, which would normally be considered "Ugly" here, and totally rock them. They layer sweaters with jackets so nicely, it totally blows my mind. If I was to dress that way people might think I was a marshmallow.

Anyways-Korea-You're doing it right. Your sense of fashion and style is completely amazing to me. I only wish I could fly over there for a day and fill my closet with your clothing.

What are your thoughts on Korean fashion?


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