Wednesday, February 13, 2013

What To Wear: Valentines Day♥

Ah, Valentines Day. The day of romance and love. A day where people come together and go out to eat and get chocolate boxes and kiss their lovers. Well..most people. Or there's ones like me who are staying home and downing a box of chocolates all by myself.

Whether your going out to dinner or staying in tomorrow-I'm going to give you some fashion tips for this beautiful holiday.

 For An Elegant Night Out (Like a nice dinner or dance):

I decided that Taylor Swifts look really captured what I pictured here. It's not too fancy, yet can be dressed up with accessories to make it more formal. If you want to make it even more casual, pair with a pair of nude or black flats. What a lovely dress!

For A Casual Day/Night Out (Like a casual date or hanging out with friends):

I chose this look (Via Daily Look) because I felt like it captured the spirit of Valentines Day, without going overboard. Shout out to all my casual dressers!

For A Night Alone (Being in love with the comfort of your own home)

Try either purchasing or making a lovely heart sweater. Just because your alone shouldn't mean you don't have to be festive! Link to make your own below!

So, whatever you end up doing tomorrow, I hope you all have a great day. May it be filled with hearts, and magic, and love. That was cheesy... But you get my drift.

What look are you rocking tomorrow?

Stay Beautiful♥

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