Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Styled Person Of Interest: Jessica Alba

Firstly - Thank you for all the suggestions from my last Styled Person Of Interest Post! If you have anyone else you want me to do a post on, please let me know, I'd love to do it!

Secondly - A huge thank you to +Stephanie Georgiou for her suggestion of doing a post on Jessica Alba! I don't know why I didn't think of this one. She has a pretty stunning style, and is one heck of an actress. Anyways please please please check out her blog, She's a lovely person with a heart of pure gold, and I know you'll love her like I do!

Anyways for those who are new, these posts consist of a celebrity, then I post my favorite outfits they've worn. Hopefully this will give you some ideas and inspiration for your styles and as always, please let me know you're thoughts! 

This first outfit I really like because of how she wears these jeans multiple times and it still looks great. People who can learn the art of wearing things with different outfits always look amazing. And that she does. 

I really love this one. I'm always figuring out how to wear dresses and skirts - And I really like the combination of a simple t-shirt or tank, floral skirt, a combat boots.

How comfortable does this sweater look? Just thought I would point this out. I like this one because she takes a super casual outfit but makes it look like she spent forever putting it together. I seriously think she deserves a metal. 

Not much to say about this one, I just love it. The blazer, pants, shoes, purse, everything. Simply perfect!

As I've said so many times before, this outfit seriously appeals to my inner edgy self. Black to me, is what pastels are for everyone else. I just love it. It makes everyone look fantastic and is super classy as well. Anyways I really like how she did a feminine look with a twist. With the blazer, printed shirt, leather skirt, tights, and heals, she totally rocks this one.

So let me ask you my beautiful freaks - What do YOU Think of Jessica's style? 

Stay Beautiful♥



  1. LOVE her style! I think she is just perfect!


    1. Oh my gosh me too!! I think a lot of people look up to her in that way which is awesome. :D


  2. Thank you very very very much for your lovely words, as well as as your support:) Always happy to read your posts and hearing from you:) As you said its really sad that we are from different countries, as I think we have many things, interests in common!x
    As for Jessica Alba, she is just gorgeous! Her style is so unique and fashionable. it's just perfect!x Love the second, forth and last outfit!

    1. I know right? Silly distance :/ Maybe someday, that would be so awesome. :) And me too!! Thank you for you're support as well, your just a lovely and kind person and I love reading your comments and posts too!! <3