Tuesday, September 9, 2014

I've Been Loving: Kimonos♥

It's always funny to me how many trends make a come back. I've seen Kimono's come in style, and go back out of style. And guess what? They are in back and trending once more! So in today's post I will be showing you my favorites + where to buy, as well as some ways to style them. Hopefully this will give you all a little fashion inspiration and introduce you to this beautiful and popular item of clothing.

My Favorites + Where To Buy:

Floral Print Georgette Kimono, $22.90, Forever21.

I love this kimono because of it's design, as well as it's lovely shape. I would definitely wear this {Like shown above} with an edgier twist to fit my style, but if you're one of those girls who likes to look a bit more feminine, by all means do so and rock it with whatever makes you comfortable.

Embroidered Kimono, $110, Topshop.

I was hesitant on adding this one because I feel like a lot of people might get the "old granny" vibe here. But I really love it! I think the color is simply stunning and the embroidery is just beautiful. Am I crazy?

Reverse Sweet Worship Velvet Fringe Kimono, $78, Nastygal.

I can't even tell you guys how obsessed I am with this one. Purple is my least favorite color to wear {Simply because it looks horrific with my skin tone} but I don't even think about it when I see this beautiful piece. It's very rocker/bohemian and one of those things that I believe just about anyone could pull off.

How To Style:

Currently the most popular {And my personal favorite} way to style is with a tank top and short shorts, usually with some sandals or booties for shoes. This is a great every day look and would be lovely to wear during the warm days of summer.

Here's another example of that same look above, but with an edgier twist. Here we have a black hat, shades, tank top, and shorts, with this lovely pink floral kimono over top to add a pop of color. I love this look because it's very unique.

Since the fall season is among us, I thought I should also state that these look fabulous with jeans and a pair of heals too! The higher the better with an outfit like this. It would be a perfect girls night out look.

These two looks go hand in hand. Styling longer kimonos is a bit different but also great if you want to achieve a very edgy/rocker look. {Like, for example, Steven Tyler.} These looks scream free spirit and daring, so if you try one of these looks my dear, rock it with confidence.

The wonderful thing about kimonos is that there's one out there for everyone. Whether you have a girly style, simplistic, edgy, or bohemian, you can easily find the right on to fit your own personal style.

Stay Beautiful

1. Floral Print Kimono:
2. Embroidered Kimono:
3. Reverse Sweet Worship Velvet Fringe Kimono: 


  1. Great post. I love the purple kimono and the long animal print kimono. Kimonos have been popular for the past two years now. I wonder if can make it to three. it is certainly looking like it.


    1. Thanks for reading, Sharon! I couldn't agree more. I don't see them going anywhere anytime soon!
      Stay Beautiful,