Monday, September 22, 2014

Fall 2014 Lookbook {Men's Edition}♥

Hello fellow fashionistas! I am so honored to have been given this opportunity with a 
fabulous woman who is so incredibly talented! I can't wait for all the fun and joy to come 
from this blog! And I can't wait to talk to all of you! Tell me what you think! If you like 
what you see or have any questions on what to wear; hit me up on social media!

For my first outfit, I decided to combine casual with a little formality to it. I am wearing this argyle sweater from JC Penney, Dillon black skinny jeans, a black watch from Macy's, & black and gray vans. {But black and grey converse might be a better look, though!}

My second outfit, and my personal favorite, I went with teal skinny jeans from H&M, a grey top from JC Penney, and St. John's Bay boat shoes. This outfit is so much fun to wear and literally almost any top will work on pretty much anyone!

For outfit three, I wanted to create a warm, cafè look. I'm wearing this olive green tee, tan cardigan from H&M, red suede pants from JC Penney, & these blue suede shoes from H&M. 

For my last and final outfit, I went with something casual and fun! I decided on an H&M sweatshirt, tan skinny jeans from American Eagle, and tan St. John's Bay boat shoes.

Stay Fabulous Cuties♥


  1. Great post, Alex. I enjoyed viewing a variety of classic looks. I really favor the teal jeans. I like the saturation of colors, beyond true blue, that have invaded the world of denim. I think your Vans are quite cool too. I hope you enjoy the rest of your week.


  2. Hello Sharon, thank you so much for viewing my post and the response! You are right on target when you talk about color! I believe color is fundamental in a style. Color is what can make or break an outfit. Color also makes you unique and gives flare to everyday life. I personally love color and look for it in every one of my outfits. Thank you so much again for your response!

    Have a fabulous week!
    -Alex <3

  3. Love these outfits, Alex! Great post. So happy to be working with you darling!♥

  4. Heyy, i love your style Alex, specially that last outfit!! You look like a really great person to talk to all day!. Keep up the good work, youre amazing at what you do!! Much Love, Dany

  5. Hey Dany! Thank you so much for the love! I'm so happy you liked that outfit!! It's definitely one of my favorites! I'd love to go to know you and all my followers more! Hit me up on social media! Love you guys!

    PS. Stay Fabulous