Wednesday, April 2, 2014

March Rock-It Edit {Featuring Abbi Jordan}

A: Okay editors, you'll have to bare with me because I'm in the middle of wedding planning and it's taken over my life worse than when me and the sweetheart got hooked on Prison Break on Netflix. (Great show, you must watch it!) 

Moving on, since life for me is a whirlwind of white and all things bridal, I thought I'd just go with it and take this time to talk about the perfect LWD {The Little White Dress}

Nothing says rock my world like a girl that's not afraid to rock stark white - especially with a tan.

My friend Natalie wore one last summer for for a gig and it was one of my favorite looks ever. (Sorry couldn't find a picture of it!) 

You may think I'm nuts. I mean black is basically the bible when it comes to rock n' roll but done right it can not only work, but sizzle.

The most important thing with white (anything) is weight of fabric and fit. It must fit your body type (anything there is a fit for everyone if you look hard enough) because anything amiss is going to stand out. 

I say weight of fabric too because there isn't anything worse than a beautiful white shirt or dress that as soon as you step into the right light - shows the entire world everything you've got. Major buzz kill. Unless your Miley Cyrus,  in which case...nope not even going there.

Pair your white hot number with killer shoes and a few simple (but edgy) accessories and you've got the cool girl look on lock. 

Hope your life isn't has hectic as it is on my end, have have a lovely weekend!


M: Hey guys! I'm totally with Abbi this week - Working lots of overtime and have barely been home so this edit is going to be short, sweet, and to the point! Please forgive us and make sure to expect an awesome edit over on her blog next month! I've decided to go along with Abbi's idea that white truly can be quite edgy contrary to popular belief. 

Like black, using as your base color is you're best bet when trying to make it more edgy and rocker. This example above is perfect - You have your white v neck tee, white blazer with gold accents, and white jeans. 

This is another great example. This dress is edgy with just a touch of feminine and looks lovely against her olive skin tone.

One of my favorite ways to wear white is to add accents of black and gold. I feel like this makes any outfit look more statement as well as more put together.

Stay Beautiful