Tuesday, March 4, 2014

I've Been Loving: Leopard Print♥

It's statement. It's edgy. It's rocker. It says "I'm not afraid to be bold." I must admit, It's only been recently I've really loved rocking different leopard printed items, due to the fact that I've seen it look so wrong on different people. The main key to rocking this print is to only were one or two pieces. That way it's not overpowering you or your outfit, but adding a unique touch instead. In today's post I'm going to show you some of my favorite items, where to buy them, as well as some ideas on how to wear. Ready? 

{My Favorite's & Where To Buy}

Leopard Printed Oversize Scarf, Sole Society, $30.
Leopard Mid Rise Skinny, J Brand, $250.
Leopard Print Lace-Up Bootie, Charlotte Russe, $19.99.
Call Of The Wild Denim Jacket, Forever21, $16.99.
Leopard Print Negative Pencil Dress, Guess by Marciano, $198.

{Different Tips & Ways To Style}

If you want to make a statement with this print, try doing so like Kate Moss. (Just please don't show this much on top ladies, trust me when I say that you will get attention for all the wrong reasons...) Not only does she have this great jacket on with gold detail, but she goes even bolder by adding these cherry red leather pants. I don't know about you guys, but my inner rocker is screaming for me to try this look out.

If you just want a little bit of leopard print to add to an outfit, I would definitely recommend a belt. Like pictured above, tuck in your shirt for a cool and edgy twist.

Pictured above are three celebrities using it perfectly. I can't say this enough, less truly is more here. It not only makes your outfit more statement and eye catching, but also less busy and not too much or over the top.

So tell me my beautiful freaks...What do YOU think of Leopard Print? Do you find yourself reaching for it in your closet or are you not into it? As always make sure and let me know in the comment section below.

Stay Beautiful♥

Links On Where To Buy:

-Leopard Printed Oversize Scarf, Sole Society:

-Leopard Mid Rise Skinny, J Brand:

-Leopard Print Lace-Up Bootie, Charlotte Russe:

-Call Of The Wild Denim Jacket, Forever21:

-Leopard Print Negative Pencil Dress, Guess by Marciano:


  1. Great post!! Love the leopard print <3


    1. Thanks so much, love!
      Stay Beautiful,

  2. Love this post friend.x I am a huge fan of leopard print now but I was really afraid to try it before. As you said I saw so many people pairing it the wrong way that I wasn't sure if I wanted to try it.x I totally agree with you less is definitely more in this case.x Love that scarf and those pants are gorgeous! Next Winter I am definitely buying a pair of leopard print boots. Love the shirt and belt combination, it makes the outfit look so sophisticated! Have a lovely Sunday.x