Monday, January 6, 2014

10 Style Basics You Should Own (Women's Edition)

Hello my squishy mushrooms, I guess this year I really want to invest in some basics and got to thinking - What fashion basics should men and women truly own? In this post I answer this question so make sure and subscribe because the men's edition is coming up very soon. I've realized that the main thing that people should splurge on is indeed the basics, so if your going to go a little crazy shopping, try to do it on these 10 things: 

1. A White V-Neck Tee
This is a great staple piece because there are endless options on how to style it. Try crazy necklaces, any sweater or jacket, scarves, etc. It's also great for layering.

2. A Good Quality Pair Of Jeans.

When I was younger I would buy any brand of jeans I saw. Now I realize that finding a good quality pair is important, even if you have to splurge on them a bit. 

3. A Pair Of Black Pumps

It's easy to buy shoes, especially heals, but ladies make sure you realize that when investing black pumps you have to make sure they are good quality as well as comfortable. Or else what's truly the point? Five minutes into wearing those suckers and you may have blisters, or worse.

4. A Pair Of Flats.

Pick your poison, whether that be flats, toms, boat shoes, whatever. As long as they aren't horrific and feel comfortable, that's all you'll need here. 

5. Black Leggings.

This is something that I used to not care about, I bought any brand and it turned out awfully because they were terrible material and cheap. I can now honestly say that I have a higher quality pair that I love, and would definitely recommend that you do the same - You won't regret it! 

6. A Black Purse/Bag.

Although it's fun to buy crazy printed bags, it's also a good idea to own a basic black one. It goes with everything and is a good staple item in ones closet. I own one and it's definitely something I use often.

7. A Pea Coat. 

Pea coats go with every clothing item you choose to wear as well as protect you against the chillier weather that you may face. The only "Rule" for purchasing one of these is to choose a color/pattern that will go with the things that you would wear under it. For example I own a black one. 

8. The Little Black Dress.

There's something so classy about this piece...I think the elegance and beauty comes from the timeless "Little Black Dress" look from Audrey Hepburn. This dress has been a classic and it fabulous for many reasons, including the fact that it's simplicity allows for accessorizing, and that there are so many options on which to buy. Which basically means: Be picky! Choose one that is flattering to your body type and is sexy yet classy at the same time. 

9. Camisoles. 

I can't imagine my life without these things. I've bought so many over the years and every time a shirt is too see through, short, etc, I am so thankful. Definitely worth buying! I especially recommend buying natural colors such as nude, white, & black.

10. A Pair Of Dress Pants.

I'm just going to be honest here, I absolutely hate dress pants. I think that they are uncomfortable, stiff looking, and too "Put Together" looking. BUT I do believe that you should have them in your wardrobe, because you never know if you may get that interview girl. You'll thank me later!

Stay Beautiful



  1. Super post. I hate dress pants too, haha. The way the leg flaps around and goes up when you sit down, it bugs me, but to have for work or interview is a good thing!! xx

  2. Well this post is definitely something I need! Although I have some of them, I still can't believe that I don't own a pair of black pumps.. I always go to buy them and I end up buying anything but them! I also need to buy a couple of dress pants, not really looking forward to but they are definitely a must have, especially if you will be looking for a job! Great post friend and really helpful, made some notes on the basics I need to buy from this post!