Monday, December 23, 2013

A Few Of My Favorite Things♥

So lately I've really been pondering the idea of doing monthly favorites on my blog. These mainly would be fashion related, with a few miscellaneous items as well. Make sure and let me know in the comment section below if you would like to see this!

For this post, I've gathered some items that I have been using/wearing constantly. Some in which are Christmas inspired. Enjoy!

1. This wrapped around leaf ring is definitely one I've been wearing on a regular basis. I love it because it adds a little something to almost any outfit.

2. I ordered this "LA Beanie" online from Forever21. I was lucky, too, because they sold out shortly afterwards. I love this because it's thick and keeps me warm when I'm on campus all day.

3. This is Sinful Color's "Decadent", and I truly believe that it is the perfect holiday nail color.

4. I cannot lie, I have been truly obsessed with these Rock N' Roll booties from Forever2 like none other. They pretty much sum up my style in a shoe.

5. This top is from Buckle. I was instantly attracted to the sparkle and "Christmasy" feel that it gave off. I decided that second that that was going to be my top on Christmas day.

6. I promise you, last thing from Forever21. This is a gold head wrap. I am currently loving wearing head wraps because they are fashionable and warm for winter.

7. These last two things have definitely been my favorite lip combination for this month. They are NYX's "Pure Nude" lipstick with NYX's "Sweet Heart" lip gloss. They go with just about any eye makeup look and look fabulous on my pale complexion.

Stay Beautiful

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  1. Shoes <3 <3
    Have a Very Fashionable Christmas!