Tuesday, March 5, 2013

What To Wear: To A Wedding

Well I think I can officially say it- Spring has sprung! If you're like me your already getting your summer clothes and music playlists ready to go. Bright colors, pastels, shorts, sunglasses, sunscreen, all these words are literally making my heart skip a beat. Okay, not to that extent. But still - This time of year is so exiting!

As this season approaches, wedding's become increasingly popular. Meaning you'll most likely be going to at least once in the few months ahead. I know I am. So I thought hey, maybe you all would like it if I showed you a few ideas/tips on how to dress for these occasions. The links to all the clothes will be at the end of this post. Let's start with some tips.

1. Don't Dress Too Casually. 
This is a mistake with a lot of people. They think that jeans will cut it. Now I'm not discriminating on anyone who is a victim of this, I'm just saying, dressing up is a sign of respect.

2. Don't Dress Too Fancy.
At this point you're probably thinking, well, what is she thinking? She just told us not to dress casually! Exactly girl! The secret is finding a happy medium. You don't want to be too fancy because you don't want to seem like you're trying to compete with the bridesmaids, let alone the bride.
3. Wear Something Comfortable.
At a wedding, many people try so hard to look amazing, that they forget that their going to be walking, cheering, and dancing the night away. Make sure that whatever you wear-It's not awkward or you will be constantly fixing your mistake the rest of the day or night, and we don't want that!

4. Don't Wear Too Much White
You've probably heard this before, but wearing white is apparently "Offensive" and "Rude" to the bride.  Although some people think that is a bit old fashion, I would just keep in mind not to wear too much of it. On your shoes, a flower in your hair, or a belt is totally okay. I'm not saying to become white free, completely.

                              Ideas For Your Wedding Attire:  

Target Xhilaration® Juniors Lace Overlay Dress $24.99

Okay. How flipping adorable is this dress? It can be purchased at Target and also comes in a leopard print. It's appropriate, girly, and just plain out beautiful.

Daily Look Low Back Lace Dress $59.99

This is another beautiful piece that would be perfect for a spring or summer wedding. It's not too casual or  not too fancy and the detailing is quite stunning. It is a bit more expensive- But seriously. DailyLook has it going on y'all.

So there are just a couple cute ideas for you guys! I hope it inspired you! What do you normally wear to a wedding? 

Stay Beautiful



Foral Lace Overlay Dress From Target-

Dailylook Low Back Lace Dress-

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