Monday, March 4, 2013

I've Been Loving: Grunge Fashion♥

Hello my beautiful freaks..

Before I even start with this I think the history of grunge style needs to be explained. For those who know, skip if you wish! Grunge music started in the mid 80's but didn't get super popular until the 90's. Nirvana brought in a new wave of sound that shocked the world. Their style, well that did the same.

With every year, this kind of style really became increasingly famous, then getting the name "Grunge." The word can be known as fashion, music, and sometimes a way of life.

What does grunge fashion look like, you may ask? Well I'm here to hopefully help you figure that out. The first thing you must know is that grunge is not a specific jacket or bracelet. It's not a certain thing. For the most part it's mixing and matching different patterns and textures and playing with it.

These style of shoes are famously called "Doc Martens." They were worn in the 90's and are still warn to this day. Some have a higher platform than others, but for the most part, the picture above is what they normally look like.

I love this girl's look-It's grunge at it's finest. The nice thing about this kind of style is that we can get inspiration from bands that wore these kinds of things originally.

Personally, I think grunge is one of the most amazing styles out there. It's crazy yet you can wear it every day. It's so unique. Beautiful. Timeless. And with the history involved, it's really a work of art.

What do you think about Grunge fashion?

Stay Beautiful♥


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