Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I've Been Loving: Ear Cuffs♥

You can imagine my excitement when these lovely pieces became popular. In fact, I had no idea they existed till fairly recently. Ear Cuffs?! You're kidding! Why didn't someone think of this earlier? I would have at least 100 by now if I would have known! To me they are like taking Zelda and making her style accessible for real life people. (Uh, did that even make sense..? Oh well.) Whether you are hearing about these beauty's for the first time or their old hat to you, today I'm going to show you how they can be styled, and also some great places to buy them.

Gothic Dragon Earing, $7.46, Amazon.

The nice thing about these lovely accessories, is that there are so many styles. If you're someone who is bold with their style, one like the one above would work well for you.

Ear Cuff Chained To Stud Earrings w/leaf Charm, $10.99, Amazon.

The most popular kind of cuffs currently are one's with a little leaf at the bottom. Their adorable, are they not? 

Steampunk Kelpie Faerie Ear Cuf, $20.00, Etsy.

I really like these, I had no idea they made Steampunk ear cuffs. To me these are super awesome looking. I think would totally wear these. Would you?

Turquoise Teardrop Ear Cuff, $7.50, Claires.

Call me immature, but I still buy jewelry from Claires. It's wonderful! Actually me and a friend were talking about this a little while back, she does too, are we the only ones? 

Well, now that I've rambled about these lovely accessories, what are you're thoughts? Would you ever wear them? Leave me a comment!

Some Great Places To Buy:

Stay Beautiful♥


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  1. how much are these that fit over the ear with spikes and dangles